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Useful Inca Trail information

Getting ready for your once of a lifetime trip to Peru? Looking for some more information about the Inca trail? We recommend checking out Gringo Inca’s curated guides to travelling in Peru to help you prepare for your trip. Brad and Janina are passionate about sustainable and cultural tourism and have travelled widely throughout Peru, on their blog they share their experiences as well as all of their tips and tricks with you!

Whether you’re a first time visitor to Peru or a seasoned traveller, their Peru guide contains all the useful information you’ll need. Their comprehensive guide covers budgets, weather, travel requirements, itinerary planning and much more. Their Inca trail guide has route details, altitude information, trail difficulty and much more. If you’re someone who likes to plan ahead with packing or read up on where you’re travelling before you go, you’ll find some other useful suggestions here.

Want to explore more of Peru? Looking for alternative itineraries with off the beaten path adventures? Check out their alternative suggestions for what to do with your time in Peru and avoid the tourist hotspots!

Click here to access their FAQ section and start planning your Peruvian adventure today!

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